LASER measuring machine capable of measuring up to 0.1 mic

Since 2010 MICROMEC has been producing tailor-made products compatible with the main platforms on the market for dentists and dental technicians.

It also produces items on behalf of third parties on a project by the contractor or starting from the simple idea of the client. Thanks to our TECHNICAL TEAM we are able to design, engineer and develop products according to the needs of the customer, and  we are able to start dedicated productions of single pieces.

Thanks to the “Special Parts and Components” service we can also provide assistance on unknown dental implant or with missing parts, because they are damaged or out of production; we can work on your plaster models to design and produce the right components to solve problems of particular angles or off-standard gum and coronal heights always guaranteeing you quality and precision.

In March 2020, we had the audit for the CE medical marking according to the European Directive 92/43/EEC; in addition, the conformity of the product is guaranteed:

  • by our technical team of specialists in the dental and surgical field,
  • from high-quality materials purchased in the USA from leading manufacturers in the sector and accompanied by certificates to guarantee compliance of use according to ISO 5832
  • washing, decontamination and packaging process.

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