Easy Implant Remover is a left-handed screw that fits into any osteointegrated implant to be removed counterclockwise.

The screw is conical and, at the end of the stroke, it will grip inside the dental implant.

At that point, continuing to exert unscrewing force (always counterclockwise, equivalent to the sense of unscrew of the dental implant) the implant will unscrew without any bone sacrifice.

Once the implant is removed it will be enough to lock it with a universal clasps and unscrew the remover from the implant, using the ratchet; ultrasonically washed with enzymatic solution, disinfected and sterilized in autoclave the Remover will again be ready for more than 100 removals.

Easy Implant Remover is used with a ratchet wrench with a hexagon of 3.6 mm, one of the most widespread on the market.

If you don’t have it, Micromec can provide it at a cost of € 49.9 vat and shipping costs excluded.

The cost of the Easy Implant Remover is 150 € vat and shipping costs excluded.

You can buy it directly from the manufacturer.

The original Micromec Medical box will contain The Use and Maintenance Booklet and the plastic tube containing the Remover as in the picture below:

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