The main sectors in which MICROMEC operates on behalf of third parties are:

  • Aeronautical: components are produced for engines such as nozzle, pin, shaft, bush, sleeve, spacer, etc.; and aircraft components such as valve, sleeve, shaft, set screw, axes, bush, various supports and more. The materials commonly used for these processes are: inconel 718, A286, nimonic 80A, aluminum 2024 and 6061, special bronze, 17-4PH, 15-5PH etc..
  • Electronics and industrial automation: components are produced for automatic machines for testing and assembly electronic components, labelers and card printing type, shafts, bushings, spacers, pistons, colonels, feet, etc.. The materials commonly used for these processes are: AISI 303, 316L, aluminum, various plastics, AVP, C40 etc..
  • Medical: details are produced for dentistry such as Abutments, Fixture replica, Transfers and screws compatible with different implant platforms. The materials commonly used for these processes are: titanium gr 4, gr 5, AISI 304, 316L etc..

Sampling is carried out, small and medium series.

The quality of the products is guaranteed by many years of experience in the various sectors by specialized operators and a qualified technical team.mitutoyoMICROMEC property

The adjustment processes such as deburring and polishing are carried out entirely by hand by specially trained personnel to guarantee the customer a finished product with a high degree of quality both measurements and appearance.

MICROMEC has the quality system certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

At our disposal we have several machinery, among which we boast:

  • 2 lathes GILDEMEISTER CTX 210 with 42 mm bar passage;
  • 1 NEXTURN mobile jockey with 12mm bar pass, 4 axes;
  • 2 citizen A20 VII mobile jockey with bar passage up to 20mm, 7 axes;
  • A citizen L20 XII GBL mobile jockey lathe, bar passage up to 20 mm, 9 axes;
  • 1 FAMUP MC45E ISO30 work center with 4th axle and 300x450x300 strokes.
  • 1 HAAS SUPER MINIMILL ISO40 work center with 4th and 5th axle and 300x450x300 strokes.

In addition, for control and quality we have, in addition to normal instruments such as gauges and micrometers:

  • Three nikon 30x measuring optical microscopes, 150x
  • An optical measuring microscope MYTUTOYO 30x
  • Three QUADRACECK 200 data processors
  • A MYTUTOYO MICROPACK III data processor
  • A MYTUTOYO 10x, 50x profile projector
  • A MYTUTOYO digital altimeter up to 350 mm
  • LASER measuring machine type VICI MXTL500 with resolution of 0.1 microns
  • HTGA digital torsiometer to follow laboratory or production line tests

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